The history of preparation

Drying is one of the oldest methods of preparing food for long-term storage. This method was used by the ancient Egyptians for storing meat, fruits, and other foods. However, it was the Indians who virtually perfected this process by simply drying meat in the sun. This method preserved the maximum amount of energy in the meat at a low weight. Dried meat was therefore an ideal food for a nomadic lifestyle. With the advent of electricity people began to store food in refrigerators. Today we are returning to jerky as a healthy and nutritional food.

Worldwide popularity

Dried meat has scores of enthusiasts around the entire world, including athletes of all types (cyclists, mountain climbers, hikers), people interested in a healthy lifestyle, as well as those who simply enjoy it as a snack with a glass of wine, beer, or while watching television. Alertness is increased during consumption, especially with drivers. Dried meat, as a snack similar to potato chips or roasted nuts, is becoming increasingly popular during gatherings of friends. Thanks to a low fat content (1g in 25g of meat) jerky is not only tasty, but also healthy. And thanks to a high protein content of up to 53% it is nutritional as well! Jerky is intended for immediate consumption – simply open the bag.


Dried meat with a weight of 100g corresponds to 240g of fresh meat, with all of the beneficial nutrients preserved. The caloric value of 1 package of Jerky is between 240 and 252 kJ. As such, Jerky is useful during reduction diets. Caloric intake for diet regimes is established at a maximum of 2,000 kcal daily. Even a small piece of Jerky contains a great deal of energy. It is a light food, and it is scientifically proven that Jerky is a light food that contains protein from the lean meat. When used in conjunction with conditioning, adequate sleep, and exercise in fresh air Jerky contributes to increased immunity for your body. One of the most important additional advantages of Jerky is its simple storage. Storage temperatures are +5 till +30 °C, even during long-term storage, which is ideal for extreme conditions during sports, long car trips, at work, or during other activities where normal food is not readily available.

The products are gluten free, no added glutamates, contain low carbohydrates and salt from the Dead Sea.

Expiration date is 12 months from date of manufacture.