About us

From our history

Birth of the Chief of the Indiana Jerky tribe

Native Indians with noble faces, narrow headbands made from rattlesnake skin, richly decorated clothing and silver-chased guns. Were you among those who eagerly soaked up the written and filmed adventures of these noble savages when you were younger? We certainly did! And we still love these stories.

The first piece of dried meat

We read about dried meat in these stories for the first time as children. But it was only when we became adults that we started to research specialist and general literature about dried meat. And it was the Native Indians who developed this method to near perfection! They simply dried the meat in the sun or smoked it in an old tepee.

It wasn’t long before we tasted dried meat for the first time on holiday, where we managed to buy it in a local shop. It was pretty good, but it wasn't perfect!

We contemplated how to make it possible to purchase dried meat with the perfect flavour. At around that time we created the Chief called “He Who Dries Meat”, but it took several more years before we established a company at home in the Czech Republic and started making our own dried meat.


We are now the biggest manufacturer of dried meat in the Czech Republic

We have established the Indiana s.r.o. Company in 2002 and we are now actually the biggest producer of dried meat in the Czech Republic and simultaneously one of the three biggest producers in Europe!

We also export our Indiana Jerky dried meat to over 20 countries – from the island of Martinique in the Caribbean to the colourful island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean, which every visitor falls in love with.

How we came by tuna from the Pacific Ocean

We are very pleased with the annually rising sales of our meat snacks. Beef – our original recipe with a unique European salty flavour - is still the most popular version, immediately followed by chicken, turkey and pork Indiana Jerky.

We were also the first in the world to introduce a completely new product onto the market – the Chief’s e-shop now offers TUNA from the Pacific Ocean, which is caught using ethical methods. What does it taste like? Incredible!

Are you prepared for the real flavour of meat? Simply open the packet and take a bite!