The history of Native Indian dried meat

When the tribal chief called “He Who Dries Meat” researched the history of his forebears, he found that the word “jerky” is derived from the word “Ch’arki”. This word comes from the Quechuan language, the language of the ancient Incas, and means salted and dried meat.

It is no wonder that all peoples who hunt, from the polar region to the tropics, are familiar with dried meat! Drying is one of the oldest methods of long-term food storage. And it was the Native Indians who developed this method to near perfection. They simply dried the meat in the sun or smoked it in an old tepee.

Native Indians chiefly dried meat for long journeys, during which they had very little opportunity to gather food. Jerky always provided them with plenty of energy, while being low in weight.

Of course you no longer need to lead a nomadic life, ride half-naked on a horse over the prairie or hunt for bison with your bare hands, in order to enjoy the flavour of jerky.

Would you like a piece of meat?

From the tepee to your pocket

Dried meat is popular around the world, mainly among athletes and people who live a healthy lifestyle.

In America for example, packets of jerky are sold on practically every corner, children take it to school as a snack and dads chew on the meat while drinking beer in front of the television.

Even the pale faces in Europe have been eating dried meat for over three thousand years. And why not! It’s an excellent snack, and a rich source of protein and “healthy calories”.

You have probably noticed totems and Native Indian faces on the packets of dried meat on the shelves in shops in your area. There is a wide range of products to choose from, but there is only one original – Indiana Jerky!

Jerky contains no fat and is full of protein

Jerky is a general term for raw meat with the fat removed, which has subsequently been sliced and dried. Our Chief makes Indianan Jerky according to ancient Native Indian recipes.

Indiana Jerky is thinly sliced lean meat, which is then marinated, dried and smoked. It is dried for several hours so that the original raw product retains the natural flavour of the meat, its juiciness and suppleness.

There is nothing healthier, faster or more nutritious for athletes or hardy hikers than a packet of Indiana Jerky. It is light, non-greasy snack, which contains up to 73% of  protein and minimum fat.

It may seem unbelievable, but 100 grams of dried meat is equivalent up to 300 grams of fresh raw meat, with all its beneficial nutritional parameters. Even a small piece provides a large amount of energy! And the packet will always fit in your pocket.

Indiana Jerky contains no gluten or added glutamates, it contains a low level of carbohydrates and salt from the Dead Sea. That’s the honest Indian truth brothers and sisters!

One of its most important benefits is that it is easy to store. The meat in the packet has a shelf life of at least 12 months from the date of manufacture, at temperatures of up to 30°C, which is useful under extreme conditions – for sports, long journeys by car, or in the office.

Are you prepared for the real taste of meat? Simply open the packet and take a bite!